Trial experience Cortland


Trail experience is an absolute necessity when fighting a criminal charge. My definition of trial experience is actual in court, in front of a jury, litigating your position to achieve your goal “experience”. Trial experience is having been there and done that, an attorney whose familiar with what can occur, what’s needed and what to avoid, because he/she has done it before.

There is no substitute for actual in court trial experience. There is no class, no book or course that can take the place of real courtroom experience. Many lawyers will say how experienced they are but when pressed it becomes clear that their actual in court experience, litigating in front of real juries, taking cases to trial becomes limited at best.

I have an extensive history of litigating in front of both juries and judges and as a result I have gained an invaluable perspective and knowledge that only comes from on hands on learning.

Any attorney can except an offer made by the prosecutor. You need an attorney that has the ability and confidence to reject an unjust offer and pursue justice in the court room, being decided by your peers and not a prosecutor.

Handling thousands of criminal cases over the years has given me the experience, knowledge and ability to represent you through one of the most trying times in your life. Let me be in your corner, call me today for a free consultation.